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  • What is Ransomware?

    Ransomware ( Ex: Crypto locker, Cryptobit, CrytoDefense, CryptoWall, POSHCODER, Cryptoblocker, Cryptroni/Critoni, Torrentlocker, Curve-Tor-Bitcoin(CTB)Locker, etc...) stops you from using your computers or smartphones normally. It holds your devices or files unless you make a ransom payment to malware operators to remove the restriction. Ransomware can prevent you from accessing computer systems, encrypt files so you can't use them, or stop certain apps from running.


    How come my devices get infected?


    You may encounter this threat through a variety of means. Ransomware can be downloaded onto systems when you visit malicious or compromised websites. It can also arrive as a payload either dropped or downloaded by other malwares. Some ransomwares are known to be delivered as attachments from spammed email, downloaded from malicious pages through advertisements, or dropped by exploit kits onto vulnerable systems.

    How to recover from ransomware infections?

    Although there is no guarantee that paying the ransom or doing what the ransomware tells you will give access to your devices or files again, taking everything into consideration, to make the payment is one of the easiest method. Ransom prices vary depending on the ransomware variant and the price or exchange rates of digital currencies. Thanks to the perceived anonymity offered by cryptocurrencies, ransomware operators commonly specify ransom payments in bitcoins.

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    WageCan provides the Ransomware Removal Solution, including making ransom payments, guiding clients to download decrypted keys from the Tor browser, and consulting current & future security issues. Please contact us for further details. We care for you.

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